Short Film ‘Hanna’s Question’ Available Online

It’s been a while since my last post, but luckily, it is not not for lack of news. Rather, it is for lack of time to write about them! We are still shooting my film production ‘The Life of Eric Richards‘, which is taking most of my free time and energy. Only one more shoot day to go before principal photography is complete. In parallel, I have been cast on two film projects: ‘League X’, written and directed by Elijah Collins, and a yet to be titled Film Noir, written by Jacintha Charles and directed by Miikka Skaffari.

On other news, a short drama called ‘Hanna’s Question’, produced by the San Francisco Art & Film Workshop, in which I play a young father dealing with his daughter, was premiered at the Dolby screening room and is now available on YouTube at, or at Many thanks to Ronald Chase, Ruby Drake, Miranda Henrich, Jesse Filipko and Max Sokoloff, who were all a real pleasure to work with.

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